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Volunteer Testimonial

David Finnerty

"On Friday when I volunteer in the training centre, I go into Galway and instead of the one member of staff having to bring five or six people, I can go with two or three of the lads because they don’t like going to the girls shops. If there’s boys and girls together with just a member of staff they want to go to different shops and everyone’s not happy at the end of the day".

"sometimes you don’t know how to react to some of the things people with intellectual disability do, so I was kind of self-conscious going in.  But you treat a person with intellectual disability as you treat anyone else, it’s a fulfilling job and every time you volunteer you feel a little bit better about yourself.  This might be because of what someone says to you or something someone might give to you, they accept you for who you are, it doesn’t make a difference what race you are, what kind of background you come from they just accept you for who you are and what you do".

"most of the time when you start off you’re always with a member of staff so if you ever have a question or queries or anything there’s always a member of staff or someone there to help you out, when you start off you’re never going to be on your own."

"I remember members of staff liking my approach with people with special needs and asking if they could use my method, when you go in you might think because the staff have worked with the people for so long they know everything, but you could come in and do something  they’ve not seen before".