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So Can I: An Intellectual Disability Awareness Programme for Second Level Students

So Can I has been specifically designed by Ability West, as an educational programme for 14 – 18 year olds, in order to raise awareness about the topic of intellectual disability.  Although many people have personal experiences of intellectual disability, it is not often discussed in mainstream education.

The aim of the So Can I Programme is to foster an understanding of intellectual disability; to encourage more focus on individuals rather than the disability; to promote greater awareness of the challenges faced by those with an intellectual disability and to inform young people about the importance of active involvement within their communities.

The So Can I Programme is a very interactive session which lasts for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.  The facilitator gives students the opportunity to participate in activities, to give feedback and to have open discussions. 

This is what some of the students have said:

 “Yes it really helped me see that people with disabilities are just like us and shouldn’t be treated differently.”

“It showed us how people with intellectual disabilities want the same things we want and want to be treated fairly.”

“I found the topic extremely interesting because it made me more aware of Ability West’s services and it also made me more aware of intellectual disabilities.”

“It gave me a great insight into the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, how they are the same as everyone else and it was quite inspiring.”

* All quotes are comments from students who have participated in the So Can I Programme, and completed our evaluation form.

Although we have aimed the presentation at secondary school students, the content can be adjusted for other community and resident groups.


If you would like to book a So Can I Session, please contact Ability West at:

volunteers@abilitywest.ie or call 091 540923